• Typst-CV-Resume

    CV template inspired by Deedy-Resume

  • Typst-Paper-Template

    is a Typst working paper template for general use

  • obsidian-to-NotionNext

    obsidian markdown file to NotionNext and generate notion share link 同步obsdian文件到NotionNext发布,并生成notion分享链接,可以方便的分享obsidian的文件。

  • NotionNext

    NextJS + Notion API 实现的,支持多种部署方案的静态博客,无需服务器、零门槛搭建网站,为Notion和所有创作者设计。 (A static blog built with NextJS and Notion API, supporting multiple deployment options. No server required, zero threshold to set up a website. Designed for Notion and all creators.)